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The evaluation is divided into three parts: written exam, oral exam and hands-on exam. 

Lawyers in Lobby

Written Exam

The exam takes about 60 minutes.

  • The exam questions do not require memorization. Instead, they are designed and require examinees to apply the knowledge from the courses.

  • Advantages: This design enables students to focus on the courses and provide a comprehensive evaluation which could be served as the indicator for performance assessment.

Students Taking Exams

Oral Exam

Each student takes about 5-10 minutes. 

  • This exam is designed based on one particular working scenario of a business sector. It is hoped that by repetition, students could be familiar with the skills like professional terminology and communication skills.

  • Advantages: At the end of the test, students could satisfy the demands quickly and meet the expected goals of their sectors.

Meeting with a Lawyer

The on-site hands-on exam by random questions

Each student takes about 10-30 minutes. 

  • Each student should be fully familiar with the requirements to survive the random on-site questions.

  • Advantage: It is the best practice to reveal the learning conditions of each and every student. Every detail counts and should be taken care of.

Team Meeting
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